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There are significant variations in the chiropractic methods used today. Most chiropractic manipulation is performed with a high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust or the so-called twisting and cracking procedures. This type of manipulation when indicated and skillfully performed is supported by the literature as effective. However it may be too forceful for certain patients, or simply not preferred. The chiropractic technique utilized in our clinics is a precise non-force procedure known as Directional Non-Force Technique (DNFT).Directional Non-Force Technique is unique in that it does not employ forceful manipulations to achieve correction of a misaligned joint or to treat injured soft tissue (muscle and ligament). Due to the gentle and precise nature of this technique, DNFT is appropriate for treating patients with a wide array of structural problems.

At the core of this technique is a neurological reflex utilized to perform a specific structural analysis. This neurological test is known as the reactive leg reflex and works on much the same principle as when your hand reflexively pulls away from noxious stimuli. The DNFT analysis is performed by gently challenging bones, muscles, and fascia in specific directions, then everting the patient's feet to see if the reactive leg pulls up reflexively.

This reflex pull-up of the leg occurs only when the structure tested is causing nerve irritation enabling a determination of which specific tissues are causing the pain. The corrective treatment is a gentle and precise thumb thrust providing a long-lasting correction. Patients often require less passive care and can start exercise rehabilitation sooner with this method of treatment.

DNFT chiropractic can be used to treat pain in the head, neck, back, pelvis, and extremities. This technique is a perfect adjunct to Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy, and after surgery of the spine or extremities.

Dr. Fowler began his studies of DNFT in 1979 and had the good fortune to study for eight years under the founder and developer of this unique technique, Richard Van Rumpt, D.C. Since 1987 he has studied with Dr. Van's successor Chris John, D.C. Dr. Fowler teaches reviews in this technique to students and chiropractors.

We have found that our patients embrace health more completely by becoming educated about their bodies and participating in the healing experience.


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