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Hi, my name is Becky. I came in to see Dr. Fowler for a hurt back. My back had been in pain for 3 days.  Right after my first treatment, I felt 100% better. I could actually bend over and help out with taking care of my grandkids again. Dr. Fowler also taught me some exercises. I found these very helpful. Doing these made my back stronger and increased my energy levels throughout the day. I would highly recommend Dr. Fowler to my friends and family. I have actually referred patients to him. 

– Becky H. 

I came in to see Dr. Fowler for residual problems from a car accident. I was experiencing migraines, upper back pain, and numbness in my arms. After my first treatment, I felt really good. I didn’t hurt anymore and my migraines were gone. Dr. Fowler also taught me about proper sleeping, walking, and sitting patterns. I found it really helpful. He explained what I needed to do.Dr. Fowler shows you what you can do to keep from having to come back. I wish more doctors were like him. He has a strong desire to help people.

– Heidi S. 

My SL4 was wedged forward and my sacrum was messed up. I was experiencing pelvic pain in addition to pain in my spine and lower back. I felt awesome after my first visit. I knew what needed to be done. Only specific people can do it. I had instant relief. I had seen other DNFT doctors and that is why I sought out Dr. Fowler. I had much pain before I discovered DNFT. In fact, I could not rotate my right leg. This is important because I am a professional dancer. I love this technique so much. Dr. Fowler’s work is so amazing and is specific to each person he treats.

– Kate H.  

I have been seeing Dr. Fowler for years. Recently, I was in a horrible boating accident. This caused me to hurt my neck. Dr. Fowler healed me and I am back to normal now. For this injury, I only sought out Dr. Fowler. It only takes 24 hours after my adjustment for me to feel the results. Dr. Fowler is excellent at what he does and he has always been able to help me.

– Greg P. 

Before coming to Dr. Fowler, I always slept on my stomach and on occasion I would accidentally have a leak at night-maybe once every month or two. I came to see Dr. Fowler about another issue and he suggested I sleep on my back for that issue. I did sleep on my back 100% of the time for 4 nights as instructed and wet the bed EVERY night. This was emotionally challenging when I saw Dr. Fowler on my next visit 4 days later I mentioned this. He made certain adjustments and I have been dry 100% since then and I'm still sleeping on my back for the other issue. It's been a week now and I'm confident that whatever he did to adjust my nerves in my pelvic area has worked. All other variables seem to be the same. Thank you, Dr. Fowler.  BTW my other issue is improving dramatically as well.

– JM 

I came in to see Dr. Fowler to get myself straightened out. My back and legs were hurting. I felt terrific after my first visit and I usually feel good after all of my visits. I had seen other chiropractors before, but Dr. Fowler is by far the best one I have ever seen. I have seen chiropractors spanning from California, New York, and Georgia. I saw results right off the bat. He is extremely knowledgeable.

- Harry S.


I was in a car accident. After my accident, I went to the hospital and they told me that nothing was wrong. They just said that I would be sore. I was in pain for a very long time.  I saw two different massage therapists and another doctor that told me to take pain pills. This was not the route that I wanted to take. I was seeing a massage therapist. She recommended that I see Dr. Fowler.  After my first treatment, I felt good. Dr. Fowler late on gave me exercises to do as well. He adjusted the exercises to fit what my body needed. I had a three level cervical fusion. Dr. Fowler adjusted my exercises where I could still do them after the procedure. Dr. Fowler is very concerned for the well-being of his patients and tries to make people’s lives better. His manipulations are so gentle.  They are not bone crunching or snapping. It really helps you. Because of my physical issues, I cannot go a whole quarter without seeing him.  He is the reason I continue to move and walk as well as I do.

– Linda G. 

I have Cerebral Palsy. Dr. Fowler helps me manage this. Since seeing Dr. Fowler my gait has improved in addition to strength in my hips. With treatment during pregnancy, I was able to walk the entire 39 weeks. It was not always easy, but I did it. Now I come in as needed.

– Sarah B. 

I came in for low back pain and had been in pain for a year. I had seen a different chiropractor years ago. After seeing Dr. Fowler I saw improvement. It was helpful.  I have been seeing Dr. Fowler since 2010.

– Linda O. 

I had been in multiple car wrecks, injuring my lower back, hips, and neck. I had seen several chiropractors, neurologists, and a rheumatologist. They ran tests, prescribed medication, and administered shots.  But nothing worked very well, and I was in pain for years.  Dr. Fowler really fixed my pain. I have been a patient for at least twenty years.  I just receive maintenance adjustments now.  I live far from his office, but I would not let anyone else touch my back.

– Katherine D.

I've been coming to see Dr. Fowler off and on for over a decade when I experience car accidents, falls, and back pain. I am a faithful patient of Dr. Fowler's because he has always yielded results quickly. I notice a difference after just one visit, no matter how severe my pain. His methods are not like any other chiropractor I've ever experienced before and his rehab methods work so long as you do them. The bottom line is, his methods are the best I've ever found and I wouldn't trust any other doctor more than him for pain from slipped discs to herniated back. Thank you, Dr. Fowler!

- Kriss S.

I first started seeing Dr. Fowler for a sprained lower lumbar and right SI joint. I could not walk and had difficulty standing. After my first treatment, I felt great. I had immediate relief. Dr. Fowler gave me instructions and exercises that helped to guide me to wellness. This in addition to the adjustments helped me to get out of pain.

– Loren A. 

After having been in a car accident I was referred to Dr. Fowler by another chiropractor. After an initial visit with Dr. Fowler, I immediately felt he understood what was wrong with me and what best to do. After my first treatment, I could feel an improvement. Following Dr. Fowler's plan of treatment, which included physical therapy I avoided a surgical procedure recommended by an orthopedic surgeon. It was a fairly long road but I can say it's been successful overall. I continue to see Dr. Fowler on a monthly basis as a preventative measure to stay pain-free.

– Elliott F.

I came into see Dr. Fowler because I was a paramedic at the time and had been thrown during a call I was on. This injured my back. A different doctor had given me muscle relaxers. I was still in pain for three months. Dr. Fowler fixed the problem and now I only come into see Dr. Fowler once a year. I have been a patient for 22 years.

– Tim E.  

I was having neck pain and sinus issues on and off my whole life. I found Dr. Fowler and found relief immediately. My experience was positive and effective. Dr. Fowler taught me the importance of posture and his instructions weren’t time-consuming and there were easy to practice. He has helped me with hip, leg, and foot issues. I come in to see Dr. Fowler now every once a quarter. I love the professionalism of the whole staff. They are always so friendly and positive, and I am usually able to set an appointment quicker than expected. He and the staff are so conscious of your time, not just his, that I can’t ever remember him being late to my appointment, and I have been a patient of his for over 10 years! I trust Dr. Fowler’s care so much that I even had him treat me during my pregnancy, and he has provided treatment for my son since. Many people think that it is not affordable, but I disagree. He stays up to date on the latest advancements in chiropractic care. His method of treatment is a non-forced technique that is unique to most people yet it’s used effectively all over the world.  Since his treatments are safe and quickly effective, I believe he has kept me and my son out of our regular doctor's office and safely away from the need for antibiotic use or other medications. Be ready to be an active participant in your care because he will empower you to be involved. If for some reason he can’t help you he will refer out.

– Jennifer D.

I have been a patient of Dr. Fowler’s for over 25 years. When I moved to Georgia I had been suffering from a terrible pain in my head that would shoot up one side of my head, and numb my face. For several years I sought help from an orthopedist, massage therapists, a neurologist who prescribed pharmaceuticals.  I saw a dentist for wisdom tooth removal and a night guard for TMJ and I saw a chiropractor who used the activator method on me.   Nothing took the pain away, some things just masked it a bit.  Then I entered Dr. Fowler’s office. DNFT was a very different technique from what I’d been used to but it was thoroughly explained to me.  Upon completion of my first treatment by Dr. Fowler, I felt an immediate improvement of 95%!  He had adjusted my cranial bones and you’d have to have him explain that, but it was an immediate relief!  He has shown me exercises and the proper way to do things.  My three sons grew up with his help, putting them back together from all manner of sports injuries to car accidents.  They have traveled the world and have not found anyone to compare to Dr. Fowler.  I have recommended Dr. Fowler to countless friends and will always continue to do so.

 – Shelly W.

I have been a patient of Dr. Fowler for 3 to 4 months now. He treated me for a herniated spine, saving me from the need for surgery. But the treatment wasn't the only thing. His guidance and counseling play a large role in my recovery as well. I couldn't be more appreciative of his chiropractic technique and knowledge.

– Ken S. 

I had lower back surgery in 2004 to remove tumors growing in my spinal column that was causing severe pain in my legs. The surgery weakened my lower back and by 2011 I was in so much pain I was using a wheelchair most of the time. Two different neurologists told me surgery was the only solution, but an acquaintance urged me to see Dr. Fowler before making that decision. Dr. Ray asked me to give him a couple weeks of treatment to see if he could help. I did, he helped and I have been pretty much pain-free since. The best decision regarding my health I have ever made.

– Jim. M.  

I began seeing Dr. Fowler in January 2017 for lower back pain. I was hesitant to see any doctors. Tightness in my back occurred over a year ago and continued to get more aggravated. It was getting worse, so-called Dr. Fowler, since he came very highly recommended by another patient. After being treated I experienced less pain, more flexibility, weight loss, improved flexibility, better state of mind, more energy and was sleeping better.  Dr. Fowler identified the cause of my pain (sprain of muscle in lower back). He provided treatment to reduce pain and exercises to strengthen my core muscles. He ensured that I understood the exact instructions by showing me, then watching and instructing me until I performed the exercises properly. He also explained the reason for each exercise and how and why they would improve my health. He provided detail on how to perform these exercises and gave me a video with easy to understand/use instructions. Dr. Fowler instructed me on how to improve breathing, improve posture, how to bend without straining muscles, and proper sleeping techniques. I started at three sessions per week, now I only see him as necessary. His office staff is extremely accommodating to new patients filed insurance forms and scheduled appointments based on my busy schedule and keeping me out of rush hour traffic. The very friendly staff that is solely concerned with my well being and ensuring that my health improves!

– Steve H.

I went to see Dr. Fowler because I had pain in my heal. I was surprised to find a man that has the wisdom of the human anatomy superior to anyone I have ever known. He took the time to help me better understand the whys and hows. He has helped me fix problems with my body that I had written off as unfixable. I had really forgotten how it felt to feel good. Thanks to Dr. Fowler I'm feeling better now than ever before. Anyone that wants to get to feeling better without drugs ought to see him. You'll not regret it!

– Dan W

I was the biggest Chiropractic skeptic ever, I saw no need to see a chiropractor. . . frankly, they scared me. . . . no way I was going to allow anyone to pop and crack my bones. . . until. . . I have been sick for months, facial swelling, numbness, dizziness, tingling, and overall ill feeling. Of course, I started with my internist, who suggested I see a neurologist. . . which I did. The neurologist immediately told me I had either had a stroke, brain tumor or an aneurysm. As you can imagine, I was scared to death. I underwent the MRI. which was not fun, only to determine I did not have any of the three horrible things I was sure to have. I felt hopeless. . . and helpless. My brother suggested I see Dr. Fowler because he knew Dr. Fowler's treatment did not involve what I was afraid of. Of course, I had never heard of precise non-force chiropractic care. . . but was willing to try anything at this point. Making the decision to see Dr. Fowler was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. Since Dr. Fowler began treating me, my condition is much improved. I still have "flare-ups" from time to time, but nothing compared to my initial symptoms. I am very thankful Dr. Fowler is an available treatment option and that he takes the time to teach me how to rehab my body. I am scared to imagine my life without him and his treatment. Fowler Chiropractic is a place of healing. Dr. Fowler is passionate about caring for his patients. I consider Dr. Fowler and his family my friends and I am honored to know them all and grateful for the treatment options and rehab he provides.  

– Angie M.

Dr. Fowler has had such an amazing impact on my entire family. His technique is like no other I've seen and is very effective at helping heal so many issues. He's treated me for a sprained back, vertigo, and general alignment issues over the years. When I was pregnant with my daughter Dr. Fowler provided tremendous relief for my low back and hips. Not only is Dr. Fowler a very skilled practitioner, he is a genuine and caring person--- he really wants to help you and has a genuine concern for you and your family.  

– Lisa S.

I was diagnosed with 2 herniated discs and was experiencing intense pain at the base of my neck and my left arm. My MRI also showed that there were spurs and my nerves were infringed upon. My neurosurgeon had prescribed strong medication and said that surgery may not help and that I may have to live with the pain for the rest of my life. I felt very disheartened. A friend of mine had recommended that I visit Dr. Fowler's clinic as his sister and brother-in-law had been treated by him and had amazing results. I was skeptical but after much persuasion, I decided to give it a try, as I had nothing else to lose. I started going in for treatments and noticed a positive difference. After several months of treatment, I was pain-free at last. My condition had been prescribed as being chronic and apart from being on painkillers, there was no other option for a pain-free life. My visits to Dr. Fowler's Chiropractic clinic proved my neurosurgeon and my own skepticism wrong. Besides being excellent at his profession, Dr. Fowler and his wife, Terresa, are wonderful. They are warm, very welcoming and genuine about my well-being. I would highly recommend them to anyone.  

– Sandra R.

I was referred to Dr. Fowler by another chiropractor who was not able to help me but who had high regard for Dr. Fowler and his expertise in the field. Dr. Fowler's adjusting technique is so gentle I can hardly tell when a bone is moved, yet so effective that my relief from pain is almost immediate. I have often benefitted from his ongoing postgraduate studies that give him the latest tools and information available in the field. Dr. Fowler's care and attention to the whole person inspires me to pay attention to and be in charge of my own healing.

– Cheryl F.

Have a shoulder problem? If you want to avoid visits to the orthopedist, endless massages, and months of physical therapy, go to Dr. Fowler. . . . first! Even after months of all these therapies for my shoulder, something still didn't seem quite right and I felt that I had exhausted all help. However, I then came to Dr. Fowler. He examined my shoulder and promptly discovered my problem. I was amazed, especially after what I had been through. He performed a few manipulations and gave me a set of exercises specifically designed for me, not a standard exercise protocol that may or may not help. Within weeks, my shoulder greatly improved to both our delight. It is still a work in progress and I continue to exercise and have regular visits to Dr. Fowler. However, my shoulder is much better and I have hope for continued healing. I am ever so grateful for Dr. Fowler's caring attitude, his time and expertise in concern for my health.

 – Donna W.

Early last fall, I was diagnosed as having a slipped disc between L4 and L5. After seeing an orthopedic surgeon and receiving two epidural injections, I became aware that I needed something more to fully recover. I sought the advice and care of Dr. Raymond Fowler. He had been highly praised by two friends, both of whom are former patients. I was immediately impressed with his credentials. Dr. Fowler's thorough, thoughtful and highly skilled care is impressive. His emphasis on educating me in the anatomically correct way to protect my vulnerable back is a vital component of my ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

– Betty G.

Dear Dr. Fowler,

I just wanted to say a 'BIG' Thank you for all you have done for me. I feel there is great hope in my desire to live my life as close to normal as possible without a lot of pain. And I owe that hope to you. In the short time, you have been treating me my symptoms have changed dramatically.Your approach is positive and freeing. I believe your rehab program has empowered me to take control of my own destiny.Thank you for the passion for wellness you bring to your clients. From the moment I walked in the front door, I have felt welcomed, comfortable cared for and hopeful. My only regret is that I didn't know about you sooner. I am quite confident you could have saved me a lot of pain and suffering. Once again thank you.

– Tricia R.

I was referred to Dr. Fowler by a fitness instructor at my gym. My concerns revolved around chronic low back pain and a shoulder that never felt right after I exercise. I had a few minor injuries in the past, but nothing serious. I consider myself to be very active and fit for a 36-year-old and began to have concerns about how long my body would allow me to continue the lifestyle I want to live. Dr. Fowler did a full assessment of my body mechanics to determine my weak areas and developed a rehabilitation plan to help retrain my posture and muscle memory. This was not an overnight fix, but I was excited about the plan. Over the course of about 6 weeks, I could feel my body changing and felt better during everyday activities and workouts. I am also a huge fan of not being popped and cracked to get adjustments. Dr. Fowler's technique is amazing, gentle and precise, and he really does care about helping his patients improve their quality of life. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Fowler to family and friends.

– Scott W.

I have been a patient of Dr. Fowler's for many years and am continually impressed with his dedication to his patients.  He is not afraid to refer you to another practitioner if he feels that another type of therapy will help you more or in conjunction with his treatments.He is current with the latest information pertaining to healing within the confines of his discipline and is knowledgeable with regard to many other modalities related to maintaining the stability and health of the body. The office staff is always helpful with getting you in as quickly as possible and are very friendly.  Before you have surgery or if you have back pain or joint problems, see Dr. Fowler.  He has been doing lower leg adjustments on me and it has made such a difference in my knee pain.I would highly recommend Fowler Chiropractic Center.

– Jackie M.

Dr. Fowler was referred to me by a friend and yoga instructor in my boot camp class.    My friend highly recommended I trust Dr. Fowler as he has studied extensively in Europe in such a way that keep patients from having to come back day after day after day as in the US.  Dr. Fowler didn't do x-rays or back cracking as you'd expect. His 'tune-ups' are relaxing, educational, therapeutic yet magically healing.  I quickly felt a release of so much pressure that had built up in my lower back over 6 years (2 children).   I look forward to my appointments with Dr. Fowler and recommend you set up one too!

– Jane C.

In my experience, Dr. Fowler is not your typical Chiropractor.  He has so much more to offer and his techniques really differentiate him. There is no forced manipulation with loud popping & cracking sounds.  Dr. Fowler follows a gentler approach with pressure point manipulation.  He has the best interest of his patients in mind and is always educating himself on new techniques.  I have been a patient of Dr. Fowler's for well over 10 years.  I initially was referred to Dr. Fowler through my physical therapist.  I had been in 3 car accidents in an 8 month period, and I was living on prescription drugs every day to deal with the migraine pain.  It took quite some time to recover from those days, but with Dr. Fowler's help, recommendations, and exercises, I have returned to a happy healthy lifestyle without migraines.  Now that I am living a healthier, happier lifestyle, I go to see Dr. Fowler a few times a year on a periodic basis to make sure that I am operating and functioning at my best potential.I highly recommend Dr. Fowler to anyone that feels pain and is finding traditional medical methods is not finding a resolution.

– Alice J.

Dr. Fowler is incredibly well educated and knowledgeable!  His staff is incredible!  I am a dental hygienist and I have never felt better. His treatment and exercise recommendations have made a major difference in my life. I would highly recommend him!

– Kris W.

I came to Dr. Fowler after seeking help from many professionals, including other chiropractors, for what is primarily a digestive problem.My whole body felt completely out of whack due to often-debilitating episodes of symptoms for many months, and I heard that Directional Non-Force Technique (DNFT) that Dr. Fowler practices is unlike other chiropractic techniques: people don't have to go for more than a few visits because the chiropractic adjustments don't come undone due to their specificity.   Since I had an ongoing chronic issue, the idea of a "one-and-done" approach was different from what my life had become and thus extremely appealing. Not only did he adjust my spine, but because my whole body felt terrible, adjusted my feet, legs, knees, cranium bones, breastbone, and ribs.  He had ways to adjust internal organs and muscles, too, which was greatly beneficial.  And all of the adjustments were simple and relatively low-force, so I didn't fear that he might break anything.And finally, like an ace up his sleeve, he has a separate technique (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, or DNS) that reactivates muscles (just by touching certain points on the body) that had been previously turned off when I was just trying to cope with these terrible symptoms when I was really weak overall.  I saw immediate results after each of those sessions.So even though I was a little skeptical about getting lasting results in just a few sessions like everyone else (since I was someone who, in addition to the usual physical problems, had a lot of internal factors that caused my spine and skeleton to get out of whack), it only took less than 10 sessions for me to feel really solid in my body so I wasn't creaking and cracking and in pain every time I got up to walk around every day.  And my internal symptoms have significantly diminished as well. Now when I go back to other professionals, the results I get are dramatically increased, and I attribute the vast majority of this progress to Dr. Fowler's care.

– Michael S.

I have been a client here since 2010 and always receive professional treatment, expert advice, and warmth, kindness, and care from this office. Terresa and Christina, the lovely administrators, are always helpful and a delight to see, and Dr. Fowler is very practiced at a specific art of chiropractic care that is not your usual back-cracking methodology. He carefully checks the alignment of the spine and readjusts in a method that feels more like light acupressure touch, and importantly, also seeks to correct unhelpful life patterns that may be causing the misalignment, offering much advice on exercises and proper posture, nutrition, and other holistic care.I moved away from Atlanta for a year and when I arrived back, the next week I was in Dr. Fowler's office for a readjustment. I haven't found anything better, and I've lived in 6 states and 4 countries! I highly recommend giving yourself the opportunity to experience the healthcare here.

– Valerie G.

My first visit to Dr. Ray Fowler was 12 years ago, at which time I was pleased to learn that he did not employ the “twisting and cracking” procedures which caused anxiety (Because I could not convince my body to relax during this type of treatment).One recent morning, I awakened in severe pain of the right, upper neck/shoulder area unable to rotate my head to the right.  For several days I applied ice packs every 2-4 hours and took over the counter Advil or Aleve every 4-6 hours.  Because I could not perform daily choirs, I decided professional help was needed; so I phoned Dr. Fowler’s office and was seen that same day. Following Dr. Fowler’s directional non-force technique, I was once again able to comfortably move my head to the right…seems as though a miracle had occurred!  My only regret is not seeking Dr. Fowler’s intervention and care that first morning of intense discomfort. His knowledge and expertise in chiropractic care and treatment is impressive and appreciated.

– Carol S.

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